A big part of this is making sure you are recruiting new and relevant affiliates to join the affiliate programs you manage.

If you are an affiliate program manager, it is your primary responsibility to make sure that the affiliate programs you manage are growing, and quickly. A big part of this is making sure you are recruiting new and relevant affiliates to join the affiliate programs you manage. The more affiliates that join the affiliate program, the more likely it is that the company will be able to generate new leads and sales as the affiliates promote their products to their web audiences. However, the challenge of growing an affiliate program is determining how best to recruit new affiliates to join your programs. One of the best ways to grow your affiliate program is through affiliate networks.

Publisher Finders, the leading source of affiliates and influencers, understands the challenge of growing your affiliate program, which is why we are going over affiliate networks that will help you grow your affiliate program. Affiliate networks are networks created that both affiliate programs and affiliates join in order to make it easy to connect with each other.


Keep reading to learn more about the best networks to join and start connecting with affiliates:


1.  CJ

CJ is an affiliate marketing network that helps you to connect with other affiliates and achieve business growth. They state that they help you reach more customers monthly, helping those in their network reach more than 1 billion global customers while also helping you engage in more meaningful interactions annually and drive more online and offline transactions.


With the help of CJ, you are able to connect with affiliates and grow your customer base while increasing your revenue, making them a great option to use when trying to grow your affiliate program.



Another great option to start connecting with new affiliates is the affiliate network known as With this affiliate network, you will be able to automate and scale your partnership in order to help expand your programs by connecting you with affiliates, influencers, strategic business partners, and many more.


With the help of, you will be able to connect with new affiliates and enhance your partnerships with your affiliates in order to grow your affiliate programs and increase revenue for the companies whose programs you manage.


3.  ShareASale

Another affiliate network that can help you grow the affiliate programs you manage is ShareASale. This affiliate marketing program works to help you create partnerships that will drive real results for your affiliate program. With over 241,000+ publishers in their network, it is another great option to work with.

There are of course other great affiliate networks out there, and CPA networks as well, but at the end of the day you need to recruit affiliates of all types and relevance is key, which is what Publisher Finders offers. They also have a ton of known super affiliates, which are major producers on the affiliate networks for brands of all kinds.

4. HitPath 

HitPath is the leader in inhouse affiliate tracking platforms for either running an entire affiliate network or running an inhouse affiliate program for your brand or company. HitPath has been around for many years and is constantly evolving their features and platform in general. 


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