A subscription to Publisher Finders gives you monthly access to our carefully curated database full of quality affiliate marketers, web publishers who want to affiliate with your nutritional supplements company.


Stay upbeet with your nutritional supplements with the help of Publisher Finders. Created by Evan Weber, an expert in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing, Publisher Finders aims to help affiliate managers and influencer managers find quality affiliate marketers, publishers, content creators, influencers, and other affiliate partnerships. Weber’s development team designed the perfect algorithm that lets affiliate managers and marketers easily find and recruit relevant affiliates and publishers by keyword, and access lists of known super-affiliate producers. All stored in an incredibly easy-to-search database, subscribers can access these quality sources and recruit publishers to promote nutritional products online to their web friends and followers. This means that finding web publishers to promote your nutrition supplements has never been easier! Get started now and say “No whey!” when it comes to our FREE 7-day trial to get you started finding web publishers at Publisher Finders!

A subscription to Publisher Finders gives you monthly access to our carefully curated database full of quality web publishers who want to affiliate with your nutritional supplements company. Publisher Finders makes the process of finding web publishers and other affiliates easy for you in just 3 simple steps.


Step 1: Research Process

We make the research process effortless for you. This is all done through access to our impressive database and search tool. With both of these in your back pocket, you’ll gain fast access to relevant web publishers that are within your market niche and ready to promote your nutritional supplements. Having targeted publishers ready to connect with cuts down on the expended time and energy that would have been spent on researching where to find affiliates in your niche market. Publisher Finders already found them for you! With time saved searching for publishers, you can put that time back into building your program and campaign ads.


Step 2: Choose who is best for you

Cutting down on research time that is usually required to find those who would be a good match for your company and your brand, means you can quickly connect with the publishers most relevant to your nutritional market. Just like making sure you are putting proper nutrients into your body, you will want to be sure to put proper publishers into your program. Keep it simple by using our search bar to find affiliates who will want to partner with your company as a web publisher to promote your nutrition supplements.


Step 3: Recruit web publishers

Now that you are knowledgeable of who might be the best match for your nutritional supplements affiliate program, you will be able to continue handpicking people and companies who are ready to start partnering with you to promote your products. Connect with them and invite them to join your program as a valued affiliate partner. This tool is one of the best opportunities to find web publishers in order to be competitive, but it can only get you so far. You have to do the rest.


When you use Publisher Finders, you will be able to cut down on the time and effort that goes into the recruitment, but that isn’t the only benefit of a subscription to Publisher Finders. Users will appreciate these other perks:

  1. Users can create lists of the affiliates they want to prospect.
  2. Users can send emails to the affiliates you are interested in.
  3. Users can receive email notifications updates of newly-added affiliates and publishers they may be interested in.


With a monthly or annual subscription to Publisher Finders, there is really no excuse to not have this exceptional tool for finding publishers and influencers for your affiliate program.  Sign up now and get started TODAY with our FREE 7-day trial! No credit card required!

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