Utilizing marketing know-how and tailoring the best advertising strategies to a specific brand or business and its audience can take time and expertise. When a business is starting to show grow or when growth goals need to be met, it may be time to start working with an experienced digital marketing agency.

For business owners and marketing teams, brand recognition and growth is often one of the primary goals. Standing out from the competition and spreading the word about product launches or sales can start small, but the labor-intensive demands attributed to ecommerce marketing management can quickly overwhelm in-house teams. Utilizing marketing know-how and tailoring the best advertising strategies to a specific brand or business and its audience can take time and expertise. When a business is starting to show grow or when growth goals need to be met, it may be time to start working with an experienced digital marketing agency. 

An ecommerce digital marketing agency can take traffic, leads, sales, and an online presence to the next level. But how can you choose the right marketing agency? With this guide, you will learn what you should know and what to look for when choosing an ecommerce digital marketing agency to grow your business or brand.

Know Your Goals and Your Budget

First, have a clear idea of what it is that you want to get out of hiring a digital marketing agency. Are you looking for a complete overhaul of your marketing strategies or do you want to just tweak a few areas? The best ecommerce digital marketing agency will focus on: advertising campaigns, social media presence, customer engagement, website presentation and accessibility via search engines, security, and speed, search engine optimization (SEO), consulting, and much more. Knowing which areas to focus on and identifying where you want to see improvements (more sales, more leads, more views, etc.) before you meet with agencies can help you explain your needs to an agency to determine if they are a good fit.

Second, decide how much you can spend on marketing. A good ecommerce marketing agency will be able to make the most out of any reasonable budget, focusing on where that budget is best put to use and keeping an eye on maximizing your return on investment (ROI). A reputable digital marketing agency will also be realistic about an advertising budget and how it can be best spent – they won’t waste time or money on strategies that aren’t right for a client’s needs.   

Look for Flexibility

Each business has unique needs and goals. The best ecommerce digital marketing agency will be the one that can meet and exceed those requirements. There’s no room for a cookie-cutter approach in today’s evolving realm of digital advertising – a brand or business should have engaging ad campaigns and carefully-crafted advertising strategies that are tailor-made and that align with their identified goals and needs. A top digital advertising agency will always take into consideration a client’s goals and vision.

An ecommerce advertising agency will also be adept at advertising on multiple platforms and show flexibility and creativity in managing the best ads on the best platforms for a specific audience or need. Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest all have their benefits when it comes to reaching a targeted audience and growing brand awareness, and each platform presents a range of advertising opportunities. A good agency, however, will make sure that the advertising platforms and strategies that are implemented are a good fit for the brand or business and, furthermore, they’ll see that the tone of each ad fits with the brand’s own image and desired audience and that it’s in keeping with the overall advertising goals. Advertising through influencers and affiliates may be a rewarding strategy for one brand, while another business’s goals call for Facebook ads. A digital marketing agency should be able to focus its advertising strategies where it will be most effective in order to achieve a unique advertising strategy for each client.   

Conversion Rate Optimization is a Must

Businesses and brands may have branched out across all the prominent social media platforms, but for most ecommerce businesses, it all comes back to a website. It’s a home base, it’s where customers are sent to shop or sign-up, and it’s a reflection of the business or brand itself. A great website that performs well can’t be beaten, but an underwhelming website - one that is not user-friendly or informative, can hurt business, deplete consumer confidence, and deteriorate a company’s brand and reputation.

A skilled ecommerce marketing agency should be able to handle a website’s conversion rate optimization. This involves running analysis on a site and using data and A/B testing to improve a site’s performance. Conversion rate optimization can maximize a website’s potential so that it is easier for visitors to make a conversion (make a purchase, leave their info, sign-up, download) on that site and have a good experience while doing so. Consumers who feel confident using a website and are able to navigate the site easily are more likely to return. The right digital advertising agency will understand how to develop a well-performing website which is just as important as ad campaign performance.  

Transparency and Communication Matter

When a business owner hires a digital marketing agency, they are entering into a working relationship with that agency. As in any relationship, communication is important. Transparency is too. The right digital marketing agency will keep an open line of communication with a client, addressing questions and concerns, giving ad campaign updates, and making adjustments when they are called for. A good digital marketing agency will also provide clear and transparent reporting on campaign performance, traffic site conversions, and revenue updates. By staying in regular contact with a client and providing them with the necessary information, the client can measure the success of their campaigns in real-time and make informed decisions on how best to market their business or brand.

Hiring a qualified marketing agency can help you start advertising to the right audience in the best way possible without wasting time and effort. But it’s important to find the right agency for you. There are many digital marketing agencies out there – how can you find the right one? Take a look at Experience Advertising. Since 2007, Experience Advertising, Inc. has been helping ecommerce businesses of all sizes grow through effective online advertising. Through the use of customized advertising strategies and data-driven analytics, this top-rated digital marketing agency knows how to grow traffic and sales and maximize ROI for its clients. Contact Experience Advertising today to learn more. 


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