With the tech business booming, there is no time to waste on searching for and recruiting affiliate publishers to promote your tech products.


Evan Weber, an expert in eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing with 20 years of experience growing affiliate programs for 300+ companies, knows what it takes to find and recruit web publishers. He knows because he’s recruited many thousands of affiliate publishers over the years. He also knows how very tedious the process can be. He’d often thought about how the affiliate search and recruit process could be made easier for affiliate managers like himself and for others. The challenges he and others faced when building affiliate programs and finding relevant affiliates to join them gave rise to the founding of


Weber was determined to design a quality tool that would help affiliate managers and influencer managers find and recruit affiliate marketers, publishers, content creators, and influencers, for their programs and was the answer!

With the tech business booming, there is no time to waste on searching for and recruiting affiliate publishers to promote your tech products.  Let Publisher Finders quickly connect you with new affiliates who are ready to promote your tech products to their web audiences.


Weber’s affiliate search algorithm allows any program manager or company to easily find and recruit relevant affiliates and publishers in the technology niche by keyword, and gain access to lists of known super-affiliate producers. You don’t need to commit to Publisher Finders immediately. Try the FREE 7-day trial - no credit card is required to sign up for the trial.


The benefits that Publisher Finders offers you might just send you into overdrive:


1.  Exclusive access to our impressive database

It may be difficult to know exactly which affiliate is perfect for your brand. That is why we created our search tool. Don’t waste time trying to figure out who would be a good match for you and your brand. Take this shortcut with our search tool. You can use the search bar to find exactly who you are looking for in our affiliate database. Additionally, you can keep track of affiliate publishers that you may want to work with. Users can create lists of the affiliate publishers they want to prospect and receive email notifications of the ones they are interested in. Speed up your process by having immediate access to people and companies who are able to promote your tech products today.


2.  Work with those who are ready to work now

Don’t byte off more than you can chew. Work with affiliates who want to work with you. Having access to affiliate web publishers who are in your market and interested in working for you, means you will be able to connect with them immediately and amp up your ad campaigns. You already have access to our database so no more worrying about researching who will be the best match for you and your brand. Publisher Finders already has the tech publishers you’re searching for listed in its affiliate database. Blow your mind, and exceed your expectations by working with quality affiliate publishers today to promote your tech products.


3.  Work your way to the top

Working with the best of the best means partnering with the best of the best. You will be able to partner with relevant affiliate publishers who are readily available to promote your tech products. Reach out to your current audience and relevant prospective audiences with the help of your new affiliate publishers. With them promoting your tech products to their web audience, you will quickly see an increase in clicks and traffic to your tech website . . . and higher sales! Become a top competitor in the tech market once you find quality affiliate publishers in the Publisher Finders’ database.


There is no better time than the present to build your affiliate program!  By joining now, you can take advantage of our FREE 7-day trial. Utilize this affiliate search tool TODAY and start boosting your number of affiliate publishers by recruiting them at Publisher Finders.


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