ShareASale has built a stellar reputation from its 17 years of affiliate marketing experience.


We all know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Bear with me. Goldilocks was presented with multiple choices. Through trial and error, she eventually found choices just right for her. Similarly, affiliate marketing managers are faced with many affiliate networks to choose from. Finding and choosing the right one can be daunting.  Time and money wasted or opportunities lost can be ruinous. If you’re looking to recruit web publishers for your affiliate program on ShareASale, PublisherFinders is the website for you! This premium subscription service will place your recruitment of affiliates publishers on solid ground.

ShareASale has built a stellar reputation from its 17 years of digital marketing experience.  It’s become well known among publishers and affiliates for its cutting-edge technology, great features, reliable network, on-time payments, as well as efficient and transparent business plans to get more audience and business promotion.


ShareASale's 3500 plus network of professional advertisers and expertise helps affiliates to generate new and innovative ideas to produce a better user experience. They’re dedicated to improving their performance to make their merchants successful and give confidence to affiliates. Working with this affiliate network, you don’t need to sign up again and again with each recruited web publisher. You sign up once, then you can work with as many member merchant programs as you wish. Their merchant search experience, which includes 241,000 publishers, is designed to help you easily and intuitively identify prospective affiliates through various filters, popular search options, and a marketing calendar to prepare for upcoming holidays and seasonal campaigns.

As an affiliate manager, you are looking to boost your online affiliate program and increase your brand awareness and sales. ShareASale is dedicated to exactly that.  Cost-benefit analysis favors CPS or Cost Per Sale. CPS has become a popular model - if not the best model, in affiliate marketing. In this model, advertisers pay a commission to their affiliates for referring a sale. ShareASale fully supports and excels at supporting performance-based partnerships. ShareASale's advanced technology provides the ability to manage your account properly. It's a secure and convenient affiliate platform that provides quality services and products to promote your business and increase your affiliate program’s bottom line.

Cost Per Sale networks are considered dependable and trustworthy by web publishers and affiliates because of their excellent reputation among the thousands of publishers they serve.  ShareASale was voted number one CPS network for 2022.  Here is how it works. In CPS ad networks, advertisers pay out the publishers when the products they publish or advertise are sold and the customer has made the payment.  Then, after the confirmation of sales, commission (money) is transferred to the publisher by the available mode of payment.

ShareASale supports affiliate marketers and publishers of all shapes and sizes.  It’s an excellent way to get your affiliate marketing strategy off the ground.  ShareASale is an easy-to-use platform that allows all types of content creators to monetize their websites or platform by partnering with companies and their favorite brands.

You can employ built-in loyalty and incentive-based programs to further grow your affiliate network by partnering with ShareASale members who resonate with your brand.  Incentive programs are easily managed so you can reward members based on sales referred through the affiliate links they post on their blogs and social media sites.

Certainly, when discussing publishers, media partners can be wonderful partnerships. The ShareASale platform allows you to find, manage and build relevant brand partnerships. The all-important tracking of your campaign performance through their transparent and robust reporting is at your fingertips in real-time, all the time. You can discover and tap into new sources of revenue by exploring their vast network of top brands.

ShareASale’s top-notch technology solutions allow excellence in shaping your affiliate marketing program.  Its technology allows you to network with potential affiliates, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, influencers, or website owners.

Managing web publishers in your affiliate program has never been easier when you join ShareASale.  The results in performance are real, not just some promotional fairytale.

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