Publisher Finders was established to make the affiliate search and recruit process simpler and more streamlined. With its intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform, life just got a little bit easier for anyone.

One of your primary responsibilities as an affiliate manager is to become proficient in finding and recruiting quality web publishers for your affiliate program. Additionally, your focus will be on vetting potential recruits in order to determine if they will be the right fit for the brands you represent in your affiliate program.

Publisher Finders was established to make the affiliate search and recruit process simpler and more streamlined. With its intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform, life just got a little bit easier for anyone trying to recruit talented and relevant affiliate web publishers who can produce engaging web content that can elevate the brands you want promoted.


The first step in finding the top affiliates in your industry is to identify them. You might be thinking to yourself, how do I do this? Well, when you subscribe to Publisher Finders, you will gain immediate access to a plethora of recruiting resources and an extensive and carefully curated database of interested affiliates who are waiting to be recruited. This database is going to be your lifeline for all things affiliate marketing. In this database you will be able to find affiliates, super-affiliates, content creators, influencers, publishers, and so on. Once you identify who in the database is the top affiliate in your industry, it is time to reach out to them.


When it comes to outreach, Publisher Finders won’t be able to do all the work for you. However, here are some tips to make this process easier:


1. Create an enticing affiliate program

The first thing to do is have an enticing affiliate program that will make affiliates want to partner with your brand. If there is no benefit for them to be doing the work, they won’t want to. It’s as simple as that. To do this, think about what the mission of your brand is. Is it something that your affiliates would want to be aligned with? If yes, bring those values and beliefs into the affiliate program to connect with affiliates who will want to engage with you. This may seem like common sense, but you can never be too sure.


2. Construct a strong emailing list

Another way to recruit affiliates is through an email list. Prospective affiliates may not be found in a database, but what better people to want to reflect your brand than those who are already stakeholders?  Reach out to them via an email subscription. You can do this by having a pop-up when you first reach your webpage. Add affiliate recruitment sign-up links on social media. Include an option to opt-in to a newsletter after checkout if you are selling products. There are many options available that will assist you in recruiting affiliates for your program.


3. Put yourself out there

The easiest way to recruit affiliates is by putting yourself out there. Make connections with people by directly asking potential recruits if they want to partner with your brand. The benefit of locating prospective affiliates using Publisher Finders is that their contact information is stored in the database so that you can quickly connect with relevant publishers in your niche who are ready to produce quality content for you. It’s important to put yourself on the radar in a way that makes it easy for interested affiliates to connect with you.  Publisher Finders does just that!



Recruiting qualified affiliates was once a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor. Not anymore! Recruiting affiliates has entered into a new realm and is now easier than ever before when you subscribe to Publisher Finders. Become the king or queen of your industry this year and get started recruiting top affiliates who can help put your brand on the map!  Sign up today for a FREE 14-day trial to see why Publisher Finders is considered the best-ever affiliate recruiting tool!




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