About Us

PublisherFinders was developed by very experienced individuals that have been in the ecommerce, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing industries for more than 15 years.

The tool was designed to be a quality source of web publishers and influencers that participate in affiliate programs with companies, so they can be reached out to and recruited to join affiliate programs.

We also have publishers that are not currently participating in affiliate programs.

Tool Build for Affiliate Managers
Best Tool to Find Affiliate Marketers

You can easily reach out with an amazing outreach email to recruit them to your affiliate program.

Our phenomenal team of developers is continuously finding new affiliate-publishers to add to your database. As well as improving the tool to deliver as much value as possible to our clients.

Who is PublisherFinders perfect for?

  • Brands with new affiliate programs that want to find relevant publishers
  • Advertisers with existing affiliate programs that want additional quality publishers
  • Affiliate networks that are seeking relationships with quality web publishers
  • Companies looking to find new referral partners to work with
Affiliate Manager Managing Publishers and Affiliates

Who is PublisherFinders not for:

  • Network marketing companies
  • Companies not looking to expand their partner marketing

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